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AeroTow T1 plane mover

AeroTow T1


A versatile powered towbar, the AeroTow T1 can accommodate Cirrus, Mooneys, the 100 series Cessna (with or without wheel fairings), Piper Comanche, Piper Cherokee, single engine Beechcraft and tail draggers.

Amigo AeroTow T2

AeroTow T2


An aircraft mover designed to allow one person to easily move a single or twin engine aircraft. The AeroTow T2 also has various adaptors to fit a wide variety of aircrafts and offers more power than the AeroTow T1, up to 6,000 lbs. max towing capacity.

Amigo AeroTow T3

AeroTow T3

GetJet E-1800

The largest tow, AeroTow T3, can move a wide range of aircraft — from the Cessna 172RG through the Cessna Citation 650. It hydraulically lifts and carries the nose wheel of the aircraft to allow for greater maneuverability.

AeroTow bar manual plane mover

AeroTow Bar

Cirrus TowBar

Designed to manually move Cirrus aircraft.